Sunday, January 21, 2007


Back when the Autism Speaks video, Autism Every Day, first appeared on the web, I thought it didn’t tell the autism story for the Rankin family, but it was still valuable as a balance to the unrealistically positive view of autism found on the media at that time. I later came to regret my lukewarm endorsement of the film, realizing that the lack of joy and hope make for the wrong kind of “autism awareness.”

Now from the Illinois-based Autism Center for Enlightenment, a relative newcomer on the scene, comes the film Autism Speaks should have made. It’s called Autism Enlightened, and like that other video, it features a group of parents telling their children’s stories. But there’s no talk of suicides or murder, or how much more convenient life was before autism. To be sure, there’s a hint of the grief that naturally comes when a parent first realizes their precious child is on the spectrum. These parents, however, did not wallow in the grief; they decided to do something to help their kids.

This film won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Many will, no doubt, disagree with where the blame is placed and how these children are being treated for their autism. But nobody can deny that the families in this film are living a life filled with joy and hope.

Check it out. Be enlightened.


Blogger mcewen said...

Great, I'll check it out, I'm all for balance.

1/22/07, 11:26 AM  
Blogger kristina said...

Thanks for passing this on----light out of the dark, yes?

1/23/07, 11:04 PM  
Blogger mommyguilt said...

Thanks for the review, Wade! Sounds like a great deal of good will come from this, if not for the ultimate goal of educating others, then at least for those of us who "get it," and need to see & hear the stories of others who have "been there, done that." I think it should almost be "required viewing" for families upon suspecting/receiving the diagnosis.

Thanks for hanging out to see the band Saturday night. We'll always make sure you're on the VIP list!

1/30/07, 7:45 AM  

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