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When I first started this site, one of the first people to welcome me to the bloggosphere was Kevin Leitch, offering advice on how to keep my template from being such a “bloody mess.” I didn’t understand a thing he tried to tell me about the world of html and such (I’m still pretty incompetent about the whole thing), but he seemed a decent soul.

For several months, we had some very pleasant exchanges despite our very different ideas about autism and the appropriate response to it. We occasionally took each other to task, but never with any malevolence on either side. Somewhere along the way, we simply went our separate ways; and lately we have, for the most part, ignored each other.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from occasionally lurking at Kev’s blog. Despite rolling my eyes in private from time to time, I usually kept my silence out of respect for someone for whom I still harbor friendly thoughts. But it’s hard to hold one’s tongue when faced with posts that are . . . well, bizarre.

Lately, Kev has put forth a conspiracy theory worthy of Oliver Stone. In short, he seems to feel that the notion that we may be able to biomedically treat our autistic children with methods that are frankly alternative is part of a plan by the Church of Scientology. To be sure, in a reply to one comment, Kev protests that he isn’t suggesting a conspiracy, but merely that a dangerous cult like Scientology shouldn’t be trusted with our kids. But one can’t use phrases like “this reeks of ‘set up’ to me” and not expect to conjure up images of conspiracies. I have always believed that if something has feathers, waddles, and quacks, it is probably a duck. Well Kev, your posts are quacking.

In one of his Scientology posts, Kev tries to prove his point by implying that Julia Berle, who he describes as “[o]ne of the darlings of the autism/vaccine movement,” is, at the least, a tool or dupe of those scheming Scientologists and possibly a willing co-conspirator. Because Ms. Berle is associated with Generation Rescue, that means that organization is obviously part of the plot as well.

And what does he base this on. Well it seems that Ms. Berle’s son attends a school that has the same name as a school that is a “feeder” to yet another school that Kev alleges has some kind of vague link to Scientologists. And somehow, that school attendance got translated into a little boy being “diagnosed” by Scientologists.

But that’s not all. According to Kev, doctors Ms. Berle chose to take her son to for treatment have connections to the Church of Scientology. Uh-huh. I really don’t know if the doctors he mentioned have any real connections to the Church or not, but you really can’t tell from Kev’s ramblings.

I don’t really have any known connections to Scientology other than having one relative who couldn’t get his name off of their mailing list after making the mistake of talking to one. Likewise, although I certainly know who Julia Berle is, I’ve never met her and I don’t have any real stake in defending her. But neither Ms. Berle, her son’s school, nor her son’s doctors need defending.

While not needing a defense, Ms. Berle nevertheless would like to clarify things. Tired of seeing her comments to Kev’s post play peek-a-boo (now you see it; now you don’t), she posted one of them to the EoH Group. I decided to give her comments a more secure home here.

How brilliant that you referred to me as a “darling.” That’s pretty much all you got right in your blog about myself and my son. First off the two doctors you referred to in your post treated Baxter AFTER he was diagnosed from 5 other sources (3 developmental pediatricians, 1 regional Center and 1 school district….I know nada of their religious affiliations. For any of them). The doctors you mentioned were not involved at all in his diagnosis at all. I merely went to them for treatment. When my son's diarrhea was bright yellow and running down his leg 35x/day and he was screaming 21 hrs/day and rolling car wheels the other 3 hrs I did not ask, nor care (still don’t) about their religious ties. They wanted to help my son’s health and they both facilitated in his healing.

With regards to his school I can only assume you googled the name and came up with this other feeder school. ??? ??? Because you are completely incorrect. The Renaissance Academy or something? I have never heard of it and we are in no way associated with it. It astounds me that you get on this world wide platform and expound “truths” of which you have no knowledge.

I am confused by your statement this is a “set up.” Set up for what? I can only guess you are further functioning under your afore mentioned misinformation. I respect that others don't believe their ASD children to be toxic nor need chelation or any other biomedical intervention. I do understand that autism has many different definitions in our community and how one reacts to it is obviously individual. Healthcare is also a very private choice and in my case was made with a great deal of in-depth analysis, information and thought with my spouse. You may not agree with what we came up with...but it worked and really…honestly Scientology had nothing to do with it (It’s very hard not to chuckle as I write that sentence!!).

I felt very sad and very alone at the time that Baxter was diagnosed and was very sick. I so wanted someone to reach out and offer a shoulder to cry on because I WAS crying. I was sad. I was alone. And I was not crying because my kid was autistic…my kid was not different or quirky or unique. He was desperately, desperately ill. That is why I was crying. If I had sat back and done nothing given his state it would have been within reason to call CPS on me.

So, I offer support and Baxter’s story in case anyone could glean some hope or possibly something to help their child as well. Come meet him. He’s a cool kid. He has no supports/therapy of any kind, is working waaaay above grade level (2 yrs), has tons of friends and just won the game ball (baseball) this past weekend. His first game. I wish you the best in your future with autism…with your daughter…wherever you want to put you energy. I respect it. I don’t even ask that you respect mine. But it would be nice.

Baxter’s mom
Recovered in 2005
It’s just my opinion, but I think Kevin Leitch added two plus two, and arrived at a sum of 3,479. I’d expect better math skills from a computer guru.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least suspecting the increase in vaccines could have something to do with the increase in autism seems rational.

Suspecting Bio-medical practioners, schools, and diagnosed children and their parents are part of Scientology and their teachings is ridiculus.

Actually, I liked what Tom Cruise said about kids being over-medicated and far too frequently being diagnosed with things like ADHD- I agreed with him. Matt Lauer is part of the whore media machine serving and meeting all of Pharma's needs- so he got what he deserved. Boy, I must sound so paranoid...

Anyways, autism-vaccine theories make much more sense than paranoid ramblings about Scientology/aliens/secrecy/cults and recovered (recovering) autistic kids. Who are the nut jobs now?

3/14/07, 8:03 AM  
Blogger julia said...

Thank you for yet another forum to talk. I have tried to not get roped into all this but when its your kid...its kind of hard.

You handled this gracefully even dealing with your internet "friendship" with Kevin. My biggest sticking point on all of this is the anger. Why is everyone so nasty and angry? When I asked that of one of my girlfriends she said, "Its much easier to be and deal with anger than to be and deal with sad."

I suspect she's wise beyond her years.

Thank you Wade. I appreciate you time and efforts on this blog. Now I'm gonna go off and learn the secret handshake of the Jewish Muslim Christian Scientologists. i can't stay in the cult if I don't learn it.....
; )
mom to Baxter
recovered in 2005

3/14/07, 8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Paranoia will destroy ya
Paranoia will destroy ya
Paranoia will destroy ya

3/14/07, 11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Wade, thanks for providing this forum.)

Hi Julia,
I would actually really like to get in touch with you by email. You can contact me at greg[a]liveandgrow!org (replace punctuation as needed.)

But note the disclaimer:
I am a Scientologist (and according to Kevin we're a "genuinely unpleasant bunch") - so it's up to you if my religious affiliation bothers you and you choose not to email me.

Anyway, the reason why I'd like to get in touch with you is that one of my employees has an autistic nephew. And she asked me point blank a few months back if Scientology offered any perspective on autism. I did quite some research, but came up empty-handed.

Anyway, when I saw this thread I got very interested. I don't know to what extent Generation Rescue has it figured out, but their theories seem to hold water. But my goal is not to theorize emptily about philosophies etc. but to put you in touch with Adriana, my employee, in the hopes that some of your experience can benefit her family.

Scientologist and proud of it

3/14/07, 12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This new Scientology spin reeks of desperation on Kev's part. When your arguments don't make sense any longer, you move on to something else. This is what Kev has done. Of course it is not lost me that Kev's only comment on the recent revelation about the Fombonne "study" was to refer people to the blog of a grad student. That revelation didn't warrant a blog entry but these "so-called" ties with Scientology do? Go figure.

I don't give a rat's behind whether or not someone is a Scientologist or not. Either way, how pathetic of you to continue to make it an issue even after hearing from Julia about her non-connection with Scientology.

That tin foil hat looks really cute on you, Kev.

3/14/07, 1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few quick points:

Did Kev really just write this on his blog:

"Surely you can’t be serious? And you’re accusing me of a whacked out conspiracy theory"?

Well yes, Kev... People are accusing you of that because you are now involved in an attempt to add conspiracies where there are none. The Scientology connection. It is what it is... a messed up conspiracy theory.

Then, this... someone going by 'J' posted this on Kev's site:

"I would suspect this is the case with MD. (He still has not answered my question why he links to and"

MD (referring to Mercury Dad). Apparently J has no idea that Mercury Dad likely linked to as a joke (or sarcasm) after the first time that Kev began with this nonsense about scientology and it's supposed "connections" with DAN!, etc. Of course neither Kev nor his Peeps feel the need to help 'J' out by informing him of this. Instead they allow him to look like a moron over and over again. Help this guy out someone... please. Unless, they are all stupid enough not to "get it". Amazing...

3/15/07, 9:34 AM  
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