Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It’s hard to believe, but this is our third Mardi Gras away from New Orleans. Oh, we still know when it’s coming. I get a clue when I start getting a lot of new visitors to the blog based on Google searches for “If Ever I Cease to Love.” Then, friends and family start sending us things so we don’t feel left out. (See picture below.)

Like other parts of South Louisiana culture, we have managed to bring Mardi Gras with us to the Great Midwest.

There was a local media personality in New Orleans who used to deliver nightly editorials on television. On Mardi Gras, he always came on and said simply that the station reserve the right to be serious tomorrow, but not today. Don’t we all need that one day a year?

Wherever you are, let a little Mardi Gras into your lives today.

For past posts discussing the sweet and the bittersweet of Mardi Gras in our lives (some of which were not written on Mardi Gras itself), go here.


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