Sunday, April 05, 2009


Below is an edited version of the recent Larry King Live, addressing the open question of the role of the absurdly expanded vaccination schedule and the autism epidemic. Although Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey were the main attractions, the real stars of the evening were Dr. Bernadine Healy and J.B. Handley.

The video includes a remarkable display of intellectual integrity from Dr. Healey, the former Director of the NIH. Unfortunately, this edited version does not include any of Mr. Handley’s remarks.

I have always been thankful for Mr. Handley’s contributions to keeping this debate in the forefront. I must admit that there are times when his past demeanor may have elicited a slight wince and the occasional chuckle. On this night, however, he displayed the complete package as a spokesman. He was in control of the facts to a far greater extent than the medical “experts” on the other side, and his manner was a fine balance of rationality and emotion. Very nice job, indeed, JB.

Those who saw the show were introduced to a young girl, with what appears to be relatively profound autism. As every parent of an autistic child knows, however, ASD does not indicate a lack of intelligence or a lack of desire to communicate. Carly Fleischmann has started her own blog to express her thoughts. She was in communication with the show, and some of her comments were posted to the Larry King Live blog. One of those comments was: “I don’t think we can cure autism but I wish we could. The goal should be to get are inner selves out.” I hope that young Ms. Fleischmann elaborates on that thought in her blog in the days to come.


Anonymous Christine said...

I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it's a plain fact that some children have recovered. If you want to called that "cured" or whatever- fine. But, these kids no longer require services- that's pretty profound.

I give Carly credit for her appearance on Larry King Live and for giving a voice for some people with autism. It was also nice to hear that she would LIKE for there to be a cure. That gives me hope. She's open to the idea. I just hope at some point she is able to meet a few of these recovered kids like I have. It does change your perspective.

4/5/09, 4:04 PM  

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