Thursday, August 28, 2008


I’ve had to do a lot of traveling for my employer lately. Frankly, it sucks. I really don’t enjoy long flights, bad hotel beds, and driving rental cars in unfamiliar places. Mostly, I don’t like being away from home and family.

The only positive thing about being away from home is that it gives an opportunity for self-reflection. There have been a few things going on in my life that are prompting me to take a hard look at myself. And I can’t say that I like everything that I see. I’ve got some things to work on.

But there are things I’m doing right. I certainly try to do right by my children. I love all three, and I can’t say that any of them is more important to me than the others. That being said, though, there can be no denying that the Little Rankster probably takes up a lot more of my thoughts and efforts than do the older two.

In looking at my life of late, one thing has come through with amazing clarity: how much the Little Rankster means to me, and just how much richer my life is because he’s a part of it. I simply cannot imagine a life without him. And that’s why I feel I need to do everything I can to alleviate the negative aspects of the ASD he has.

I used to have on-line chats with friends from the neurodiversity movement. Eventually, those discussions fell by the wayside. Most of them could never quite grasp the fact that I absolutely accept my son the way he is. What I do not accept is the inevitability of obstacles that keep him from using the gifts that are inside of him.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Ginger reports that is now listing autism as a potential adverse reaction to Sanofi Pasteur's Tripedia vaccine. Will we be seeing that for more vaccines?