Friday, April 04, 2008


It’s no secret that I’m not exactly a big fan of Autism Speaks. There is someone who has a more-balanced view of that organization than I have: Katie Wright. It is, of course, ms. Wright’s son’s regression into autism that gave birth to the organization. Her parents, Bob and Suzanne Wright saw a need and created what has quickly become the 900-pound gorilla in the room. The arrogance with which the organization has run roughshod over other organizations, autistic individuals, and just about anyone that doesn’t subscribe to their views has been nothing short of shameful.

Through it all, Katie Wright has remained loyal to her parents, even after they threw her under the bus for making public pronouncements on the issue of vaccines as a potential trigger for ASD. She has always been careful to separate the role of her parents from the influence of other officers and directors of Autism Speaks. I tend to think she underestimates Bob Wright’s influence on the organization’s direction, but she is certainly in a better position to know what’s in her father’s heart.

In a new post at Age of Autism, Ms. Wright again pays tribute to her parents, while calling Autism Speaks to task for ignoring the biomedical community. It’s an articulate statement that deserves to be read. Unfortunately, it probably won’t have an impact on those who really need to understand: the leadership of Autism Speaks.