Thursday, December 24, 2009


It’s been kind of a tough year for the Rankins in many ways. Some not-so-nice things happened. But still a lot of nice things also happened, and we manage to count a lot of blessings at the end of the year. First among those blessings is the continuing miracle of our son’s progress. We think of where we were just a few short years ago, and try to compare that to where we are today; it’s impossible because there is no comparison.

As it always was, and always shall be, this is the season of hope. Despite all of the not-so-nice things that have befallen us, we are hopeful for the days and years to come. My children give me that hope. Christmas ⎯ and all that it is and all that it represents ⎯ gives me that hope.

May you have a blessed Christmas and a hopeful New Year.

And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!

P.S. Speaking of blessings and hope, GEAUX SAINTS!!!!


Blogger Autism Reality NB said...

A nice message of hope Wade. I am happy to hear of your son's progress.

Go Patriots!

12/25/09, 3:40 AM  
Anonymous María Luján said...

Merry Christmas for you and your family, Wade
We are also very glad with my son´s progress. It has been, is and will be difficult, but all the struggle is worth when I see my son better every day.
Thank you, for your strength and for sharing.

12/25/09, 8:08 PM  

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