Thursday, December 08, 2005


It’s so ironic that some people say that we, who believe environmental factors may have triggered our children’s autism, only believe that because we feel guilt because we did not produce genetically perfect children. They just don’t understand that most of us feel no guilt at all about genes we can’t control, but we do feel guilty about not learning more of the dangers to which we exposed our children.

We feel guilty that we did not take seriously the buzz that was starting about mercury in vaccines. We feel guilty that we did not heed the warnings about pregnant women eating tuna. We feel guilty about our complicity in exposing our children to hazards that may have contributed to their autism.

Ginger puts our guilt into perspective. It’s a good read.


Blogger Moi ;) said...

13 years ago, I didn't eat tuna (still don't). Ugh. :PPP I did ALL the right things I was supposed to do when I was pregnant. It Made No Difference.

No one told us anything about the mercury in vaccines. As a matter of fact, the internets were in their infant stage and 99.9% of homes did not have personal computers. I had one in my office that had a 2400 modem, lol. (Talk about perspective!)

If there had been a buzz about ANYTHING back in 1992....but there wasn't....this really didn't start coming into the public eye until maybe 6-7 years ago. You know, when they took thimerosal out of the DPT??

THAT is what is unconscionable. Because the government knew about it way before that..... I feel no guilt. I feel ANGER. Anger that the drug companies care so little about the people who make them so rich....that the government would cover for them.....etc. etc. etc.

I'm going to post it over at Ginger's, too. I just came here first....

12/9/05, 3:36 PM  
Blogger Eileen said...

I do not feel guilt, but maybe some anger. I feel a little pissed off with myself for be so trusting in the medical professionals and not educating myself enough...I guess that does kind of sound like guilt. I guess I do feel guilt. The guilt I feel has nothing to do with genes though.

12/9/05, 9:23 PM  

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