Saturday, August 27, 2011


I took a month off from my Autism One Radio duties in July (resulting in a rerun of one of the more memorable prior episodes). This month, though, we’re back in a big way.

Tomorrow (August 28, 2011) at 1:00 pm Eastern/Noon Central, we’ll have a very special Injecting Sense: The Radio Edition. I have two guests for you, both of whom are shining examples of taking positive action.

First, I’ll be talking to Marcella Piper-Terry about the new-but-growing-at-a-rapid-pace billboard campaign to educate parents about their right to decline vaccinations for their children.

Then, we’ll take some time to talk to Harry Tembenis about how he and his wife were inspired to take positive action by their son, Elias. I guarantee you will be inspired.

Join us on-line at Autism One Radio. Or, as always, you can catch it later in the archive.


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