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As a follow-up to the last post about the outbreak of ASD among the children of Somali refugees in Minneapolis, Age of Autism has posted accounts by both David Kirby and Nancy Hokkanen regarding a recent forum involving heath officials in Minnesota and the Somali families (here and here). Not surprisingly, most of the officials spent their time refuting any connection between the numerous vaccines the children were subjected to in the United States that they did not have to take in Somalia. Their stating that opinion is not really a problem; I certainly would not want anyone to refrain from doing so. What bothers me is the condescension shown toward the families.

Families complained about the fact that they really had not been told anything they didn't already know, and that there was no plan discussed to discover what the problem is if it is not vaccines. But the real indication of a lack of concern is that the health officials had, for the most part, disappeared by the time the parents presented their own panel. The Minnesota health commissioner had started the day off by declaring: “Today is the start of a dialogue, of listening to your concerns and frustrations, and looking for solutions together.” Words like that can be empty in any language.


Blogger nhokkanen said...

Thanks for weighing in, Wade. Condescension? You are absolutely correct. The smiling speakers from the Minnesota Department of Health were extremely patronizing, even smarmy.

They assumed that their audience was incapable of searching PubMed for studies. They failed to realize that the Somali families know the difference between words and actions.

It's obvious to everyone but themselves that they are not looking at the children -- no medical testing, no suggestions for medical treatments. Just a line-up of band-aid therapies after the fact.

All these good-intentioned coffee klatch administrator moms are killing us with their kindness. Why would't they slow down, stop marching to the CDC's beat, and open their eyes?

11/18/08, 10:45 PM  
Blogger quicksilver said...


You have to assume you are in a real world where the permanent illness or death to an infant child would be treated like a grievous bodily harm (GBH) or murder investigation.

In the ‘real’ world of Medico-Legal Religious Belief in its ‘real’ infallibility it is a ‘real’ world. The Huffman family and Clark family were arraigned before the medico-legal system for the grievous bodily harm or murder of their own flesh and blood. Baby Huffamn’s head blew up to four thirds its normal size the day after his first vaccine and baby Clark died six hours after his mercury shots.

In this real world Mr Huffman got a long prison sentence and Mrs Clark got a life term in prison.

The culpability of anaphylactic reaction to vaccines documented more than a century ago with a Nobel Prize for the discoverer that not all vaccines have the desired beneficial effect to everyone? Well that didn’t enter the 21st century Neuvo Wonderland World.

The culpability of including the worlds most toxic non-radioactive element in our vaccines at the level where brain cells are destroyed catalytically at the level of the mercury in one vaccine distributed evenly through the body? Well that didn’t enter the 21st century Neuvo Wonderland World.

Today, we know that 27 out of 28 Somali babies that are vaccinated according to the current USA 2008 schedule do not get any harmful effects that we need worry about.

The meeting talked about here reveals that the people who guide our vaccine policy are unaware of the problem to the Somali children! Is this their real world where in addition to not realising the consequences of a four thirds expansion in your head after a vaccine or the fact that some vaccines can and do kill those that receive them, we have people controlling the vaccine policy that cannot count to more than 27?

Let me give you an insight into my ‘real’ world where the people responsible for mass murder get life in prison and where those that injure children get long stretches inside. Perhaps I would inject them with up to ten mercury vaccines in every part of their body to stop infectious contagious diseases in the prisons they are in, as for example received by the late Mrs Clark who died at the age of 42?

No! That’s being too malicious and I would be guilty of the crime I am trying to stop.

But lets get back to the REAL, REAL, REAL world and stop this madness TODAY.

(Mercury is still present in our 2008 vaccines eg Flu vaccines - targetted at those no longer working and who are very old

11/19/08, 10:29 AM  

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