Saturday, November 10, 2007


The Rescue Post has now ceased new posts, and yet it’s good news. Check out Kim Stagliano’s farewell post for the site:
The Rescue Post is now “Age of Autism.”

Dan Olmsted is our Editor. Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor and Mark Blaxill and JB Handley are Editors-At-Large and Anne McElroy Dachel is Media Editor. We know you'll like the new look and the in-depth coverage.

Please add to your list of favorites! Thank you for making Rescue Post a success since Generation Rescue started the site last Summer.

Meet us Age of Autism now!

Rescue Post has been closed for comments. All of its content is at Age of Autism.

Thank you.

Kim Stagliano
With that line up, how could I resist checking it out? After doing so, I can report that it is a site well worth adding to your bookmarks.

The tone is set by Dan Olmstead’s Letter from the Editor (the following being a mere excerpt):
Welcome to Age of Autism, the nation’s first daily Web newspaper for the environmental-biomedical community ⎯ those who believe the autism epidemic is a health crisis that requires urgent action; that autism is an environmentally induced illness, that it is treatable, and that children can recover.

For the most part, the major media in the United States aren’t interested in that point of view, they won’t investigate the causes and possible biomedical treatments of autism independently, and they don’t listen to the most important voices ⎯ those of the parents. We will do all those things, and more.
. . .
The Age of Autism will be wide-open and transparent in its reporting and commentary on causes and treatments; I am beholden to no individual, organization or fixed point of view. My commitment is to in-depth reporting. I am not a social worker or an autism parent, I’m a journalist drawn to what I called, in my last UPI column, “the story of a lifetime.” Based on my own work, I do believe mercury ⎯ including the horrendously neurotoxic ethyl mercury in vaccines ⎯ is clearly implicated in the rise of autism, and that its continued use in flu shots for children and pregnant women is catastrophic. So is the expanding use of thimerosal in vaccines shipped to developing countries where (no surprise) autism rates are soaring. . .
Also part of the initial offering is a lesson in semantics in which Mr. Olmsted rolls his eyes (just as we all have) at the constant use of the word “emotional” to describe the vaccine/environmental issue and those who question the status quo. Another piece I particularly enjoyed was Mark Blaxil’s account of serving on the recent CDC panel. When one reads Mr. Blaxil’s article together with Barbara Loe Fisher’s post, one gets the flavor of the political landscape and just how stacked the deck is that’s being dealt.

This site is off to the best-possible start, and one can only expect more of the same.


Blogger Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Why thank you!

11/13/07, 8:15 PM  
Blogger Brett said...

Wade, thanks for telling me about another site I don't have nearly enough time to enjoy.


12/20/07, 10:10 PM  

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