Sunday, November 11, 2007


We are facing a public health crisis that transcends the autism epidemic. We must see real change if confidence in our national health-care system is to be restored.

In the last post, I wrote about the new Age of Autism site, and noted the pieces by Mark Blaxil and Barbara Loe Fisher discussing their experiences on the recent CDC “Blue Ribbon Panel on Vaccine Safety.” It is no surprise that the official report by the panel did not reflect the views of Mr. Blaxil and Ms. Fisher. What we are now learning is that the report did not even reflect the full range of discussions that occurred.

Age of Autism is providing a platform for the publication of a dissent from the offcial report. In it, Mr. Blaxil and Ms. Fisher present “a case for change in our nation’s public health strategy.” The first part (of eight) of this blueprint for protection of our nation’s children, entitled The Atlanta Manifesto: Safety Last to Children First, is now up on the site.

Read it! It’s important!


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