Friday, August 11, 2006


Normally I wouldn’t do two fluff posts in a row, but there’s this meme going around the bloggosphere in which the “tagged” individual is to reveal five weird things about him/herself. Random John tagged me, and I’ve never been one to break a chain (I guess that’s a bonus weird thing about me). In any event, here goes:

My dog is named after a 19th century naval commander of some repute, Capt. John “Mad Jack” Percival. It would take a complete post in itself to do Mad Jack justice, or our dog, Percy, for that matter. The Captain can be Googled for some entertainment.

I like folk music. No, I mean I really like folk music. Mind you, I consider that a pretty broad category that takes in just about anything other than classical and baroque (which I also like), but in general, the folkier, the better. In the closet next to my guitars, you’ll find a banjo and a dulcimer, not that I manage to find the time to play anything. Thanks to XM Channel 15, I’m able to get a daily fix.

I play Powerball every Wednesday and Saturday.

I cry very easily, in both sadness and joy. All it takes is a news story that is either sad or inspiring, or especially a movie. The two that always get me at the end are Mister Roberts and Field of Dreams.

My wife’s name is “Sym.” Okay, that’s something weird about her rather than me, but it’s not really cheating since we currently live in a community property state; I can claim her weird thing for my own. Some may think it’s a little weird to fall in love with someone named Sym, but if you knew her you’d understand just how that may be the sanest thing I’ve ever done.

Now it’s time to tag a few more souls:

Ian Parker

Good Rockin’ Mommy Guilt



Blogger Ian Parker said...

Hi Wade,

My reply is here.

I tagged María Luján, Kristina and Shawn (on goes comment moderation so I can't tell them).

8/12/06, 2:19 PM  
Blogger kristina said...

Not fluff at all......I finally got tagged as a result...

8/12/06, 4:12 PM  
Blogger mommyguilt said...

I have no clue how to hyperlink in a comment box, but you know where to find mine (It's linked at the bottom of your post Monday Meme). I had to enlist a little parental/sibling help, but they refreshed my memory and brought up PLENTY of weird things about me!

I tagged Standing Still for Once, Puddle of Consciousness, and Bloggg.

Oh, btw...we have a Telly (not sure of the year) at '64 Vox Tornado, an acoustic (I want to say Fender), a really old beautiful bass - looks like the one the Beatles played (but ours is not workable), I want to say a Strat(?), and, yes, indeed, a banjo. I finally caved, cut my nails and have been begging my son and my husband to kiss away the pain in my fingertips as I struggle with Em & C - my first two chords (so that I can write my own music to the song I've written the lyrics to!)

8/14/06, 11:16 AM  
Blogger mommyguilt said...

Ok, let's try punctuation this time - My post is linked at the bottom of this post, Monday Meme. Ta Da!

8/14/06, 11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey! me too! with the folk music and the crying easily. i used to tear up at a few commercials too. there was this one with an old guy carrying his little tray, looking for a place to sit down. got me every time. and, Sym! great name!

8/15/06, 7:19 PM  

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