Friday, May 12, 2006


I’m not a big fan of “reality” television, mainly because it bears no resemblance to any reality I know of. And now comes word of a new show that confirms my opinion of the genre. The saving grace is it is apparently a one-time-only event.

Some creative genius decided that America just hasn’t had enough of O.J. Simpson, and created the show, Juiced. The hour-long program, which will be on pay-per-view (because there are some things even Fox TV won’t touch), features the former A-list football player turned C-list “actor” turned murder suspect in a series of pranks. Those who wish to pay for such “entertainment” will see O.J. as an Elvis impersonator, O.J. disguised as an elderly man running a bingo game, and other such frivolity.

One segment of the show, however, will sink television to a new low in taste. Simpson will stand in a used-car lot trying to sell a very familiar looking white Bronco. He tells one prospective buyer, “It was good for me ⎯ it helped me get away.”

Gloria Allred, the attorney who represented the family of Nicole Brown Simpson in their civil suit against Simpson, has been quoted as hoping that some of O.J.’s earnings from the show can go toward satisfying the large judgment in the Brown’s favor, most of which is still unpaid. But Ms. Allred should not hold out any hope. The show’s executive producer claims that Simpson was not paid for his appearance, and that he did it because “he wanted to have fun with it.”

Some may be skeptical of the claim that O.J. Simpson will not be paid for his efforts, but I can believe it. After all, a guy needs to unwind and have a few laughs after spending all those endless hours searching for the real killer.


Blogger kristina said...

This seems not so much "reality TV" as pure pseudo-event.

The show sounds like a past-its-expiration date Capri sun left in an unchecked storeroom.

5/12/06, 10:37 PM  
Blogger Do'C said...

Hi Wade,

This makes me wonder what his kids would really think or feel about this.

5/15/06, 12:49 AM  
Blogger Ian Parker said...

At least O.J.'s looking for the real killer in the right places - Florida golf courses.

It could be worse. Imagine how pathetic it would be if someone started airing a series of televised meetings between Amy Fisher, Joey Buttafuoco and Mary Jo Buttafuoco.


5/15/06, 2:35 PM  

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