Friday, May 19, 2006


Less than a week to go until the Autism One conference, and I am pumped up for it!

Time after time, the little Rankster and I have stayed home while our wife/mother has gone without us to DAN! conferences, the NAA meeting, and last year’s Autism One. This time, the Rankins will be present in full force.

I’ll be catching presentations from a few of the different “tracks,” but who knows what will catch my interest at any given time. Sym and I will probably divide up the responsibilities for covering various sessions (not unlike the way we divide up responsibilities at home).

What I’m looking forward to as much as anything is meeting people in person that I have come to know through email, blogs, yahoo groups, etc. If you’re there, make sure you find me and say hello.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wade, I can't believe I'm going to miss you and Sym. This is the first year I am not going to Autism One. I've gone for the last three years. It is a GREAT conference. The Betzold family is in the middle of a serious spending freeze. Beau's therapy and medical program are in a good place right now, and we decided to take a year off from Autism One. We also need to save our pennies for August; we are taking Beau to Austin. Dr. Krigsman is going to scope him again. I hope you have a really productive time. I hope to hear about the conference in your posts afterward.

5/19/06, 1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's wonderful news! how great to have that opportunity to be with a community of people in person!!

5/19/06, 7:54 PM  
Blogger kristina said...

Looking forward to your report on what you learn!

5/19/06, 10:43 PM  

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