Sunday, September 18, 2005


In my most recent post, I tried to address the semantic differences that I believe are at the heart of the divide between the biomedical and neurodiversity communities. Ironically, my verbiage seems to have created some misunderstandings in both camps as to where I really stand. Before going any further, I want to clear up that misunderstanding, and perhaps look at whether we really can find common ground. Unfortunately, my work and family will require all of my attention in the next few days, so it will probably be sometime next week before I can write that next post with any degree of clarity. Please bear with me, and continue to leave any comments you feel appropriate.



Blogger kristina said...

Wade, I thought your post clarified some things and tried to stake out some new ground (if the metaphor is all right). I do think questions of a biomedical/environmental "versus" genetic aetiology of autism bring out a lot of gut feelings, some messy. Thanks for stepping into the fray. Regards, kc

9/19/05, 7:03 PM  

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